Monday, May 4, 2009

Android on the Nokia 770

Don't waste your time. It boots, and it looks pretty, but as of right now, there was no wireless support that I could find, and no way to get an on-screen keyboard. It is really disappointing that Nokia basically abandons the people who went out on a limb to buy their fledgling technology. Now, we're left with less than perfect solutions to try to keep our Internet Tablets up-to-date.

I'm glad the community gives us the option of running OS2007 and OS2008. Too bad Nokia doesn't make a polished version of these operating systems to run smoothly on the 770.

Of course, all Nokia is concerned with is the bottom line, not building a customer base. As long as they can continue to push customers toward the 8XX series tablets, they think they'll keep selling them.

Truth is, I don't plan to buy another one. "Fool me once..." still applies. If I have a product that becomes obsolete because it is too slow or too limited due to more advanced designs coming to market, that's one thing. But, if "planned obsolescence" is the only reason for upgrading, then forget it.

Although it's not exactly the same type of unit, I have since gotten an Acer netbook. Much greater possibilities for upgrading that than the 770, and I'll be buying another one if this one either wears out or is no longer powerful enough to run decent software. I think it is more usable than the Internet Tablets anyway, at almost the same price as what I paid new for my 770.

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