Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coming soon - Bersa Thunder 9mm HC Review

UPDATE: Find the full review here.

Yep. It is, as they say, in the mail.

Or rather, with a BATF approved carrier, since I believe it is illegal to send handguns through the mail. Whatever. Not my problem, since it is coming from a source on the Internet to my local FFL holder. All gun laws are stupid anyway. Hear that liberals? That's right. Without getting into a bunch of political or philosophical mumbo jumbo, let's just reflect that we didn't have a huge problem with gun violence until we started making all these stupid gun laws.

As John Lott said (and found to be true through his studies), "More guns = less crime". But I digress.

I originally wanted a CZ-75. And, I still do want one, and plan on getting one. But, I figured there's no point in being without a 9mm until then. Guns don't lose much value, especially when they're well made like the Bersa and cost so little to begin with. And ultimately, if I like the Bersa, I will keep it and start from scratch to renew the gun fund to get the full amount to add the CZ to my collection instead of trading the Bersa for it.

I had been looking at the Bersas for a while and was impressed with the design. So, after much deliberation, I "pulled the trigger". Clever euphemism there, huh?

Hopefully, it will be here by this weekend and I'll get to take it out. If not, my review might be delayed a week. Keep checking back.

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