Thursday, November 5, 2009

Idiocy, thy name is NCAA....

Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant talked to Deion Sanders. He worked out with him, had lunch with him and received text messages from him.

Did he violate NCAA rules?

What? You don't know?

That's the point. Who knows? To understand the arcane and convoluted NCAA rules, one probably needs the help of a slide rule, a sextant, a wizard, a Latin interpreter, a Ouija board, and the Rosetta stone.

Dez Bryant certainly didn't know. And in a moment of panic, he lied because he simply wasn't sure if he'd broken a rule or not.

He was wrong to lie. He should be punished for lying. But lying is NOT nearly as bad as punching someone in the face.

Or is it?

Maybe he should have done that when they asked him.

NCAA official: "Mr. Bryant, did you visit with Deion Sanders?"

Dez Bryant: Wham!

I say this because the player who punched another in the face actually was reinstated and played later in the season. Unfortunately, Dez Bryant won't get another opportunity.

The message: Thuggery will be tolerated, and eventually forgiven. Making a bad decision in a moment of uncertainty will not.

And another thing...considering the organization has been working on the Reggie Bush/O.J. Mayo/USC investigation since 2005 without taking ANY punitive action against ANYONE, it certainly didn't take them long to drop the hammer on Bryant, did it?

Idiocy, thy name is NCAA...

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