Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PRIMER: Gun control lies.

Over the next few months, I'm going to be addressing the lies told to the American public by the gun control lobby, or, as I like to call them,  "Big Gun Control", "The Blood Dancers", "Freedom Haters" and so on.  This sounds harsh, but when you see firsthand how blatantly false some of their agenda-driven lies are, you'll realize that the last thing these people want is intelligent citizens making informed decisions based on facts.  These multi-million dollar-per-year propaganda and lobbying machines include the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center, among others. 

Some of the crap put out by these and other gun-rights organizations is taken as gospel by the media, who then feed it to you.

If you like gun control, and/or don't care that the media is feeding you a lie, then stop reading now.  If you are honest even with yourself, and want to know the truth, even if it may be at odds with your beliefs, then read this series.  I promise to update it "every so often", and hopefully by dealing with an issue that is pertinent to current events.  We'll call this series the "Primer on Gun Control Lies".  Any title you see with "PRIMER" as the first word will be part of the series.

See you soon.

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