Saturday, October 22, 2011


I've spent the morning just trying to get Unity to work. It's horrible. I can't understand any of it.

The whole point in a UI is that a person should be able to just sit down, and within a few minutes, figure it out. You simply cannot do this with Unity.

I just can't understand why the folks at Canonical would want to kill their disto like this. It is truly horrible to the point of being unusable.

I tried to do one simple tweak of moving the window buttons from the left to the right. It didn't work. Now, half the time the buttons are on the left, half of the time they are on the right. WHY?

With an old download of Ubuntu and the Gnome desktop, I could make my UI look EXACTLY the way I wanted it to. I could make it work for me. No longer the case.

I will never understand how taking away or hiding options is better for a user. Makes no sense at all. Now, I'm crippled.

The bad part is, I used to be able to just choose to use the classic Gnome interface. No more. Gnome 2 isn't even available.

Horrible. I'm convinced the people at Canonical are just stupid. They HAD the best Linux distro on the planet. No more.

Unity sucks. A lot. And, they're trying to force it on me. Forget that. I'm going elsewhere, and I'm recommending everyone else do so as well.

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johntrac said...

I totally agree, Unity is a real monster.

The problem is they wanna force us to use it, simply ridiculous and short sight.

In my pc, an i7 with 6 Gbytes of Ram and a good graphic card, Ubuntu with Unity is really slow and buggy.

So I decided to reinstall the old 10.10 Version, I know it, I have been using it for months, very reliable and easy to use (with Gnome 2.32.0 as the GUI).

I tried Gnome 3.0, I do not like it that much, but it's way much better than Unity.

I do not understand folks at Canonical, really I do not understand them.